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Welcome to Artisans Who Wholesale!

This weekly podcast is for wholesale giftware and specialty food artisans who want to work smarter, earn more and live better.  We share the stories and advice of other wholesale artisans and industry experts so that you can learn, grow and be inspired.  

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We think podcasts should be more than ear candy. Listen to other artisans with similar challenges as yours and connect in our online community!

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Why did I create Artisans Who Wholesale?

As the show producer of the New England Made shows (a wholesale giftware and specialty food show), I’ve seen hundreds of artisans from startup to multi-million dollar operations. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. What mindsets and strategies bring personal growth, revenue and the lifestyle that artisans are looking for. As a small business owner, I know the ups and downs and what small businesses need to succeed. My goal is to bring them to you through this podcast.